“How much does a music video cost?”
If you’re reading this page, it means you’ve reached out to me in regards to having a music video produced! I just want you to know that it means the world to me to for you to be interested in having me direct a music video for your own art. 

Pricing for video production differs from products. There’s not a single cost involved. However, pricing depends on a two main aspects-- concept & complexity.
Concept & Complexity: 
The first step in the production process is concept creation. What is the vision of the video? After the concept is created, then we can determine what's needed to make that happen. 
What lighting is needed? Do we need to rent a location? Do we need actors? Do we need to get props? Make-up artist? VFX?  Do I + a crew have to travel? 
Below are some examples of past-project concepts, with different budgets, for reference: 

"Lower" Budget Concepts:
No Exit - "River"
This concept is as budget friendly as it gets! One day shoot, two locations-- both locations being free. Written, directed and filmed all by myself with no assistance, props, etc. 
Clayton Ryan & The Singing Mountain - "Fight the Tide"
A two-day shoot with three locations-- one of them being near Keystone, and the another near Custer, so a little bit of travel involved. However, all locations were free. The photos used were from the South Dakota History archive and cost a bit of money to use. Photo frames and a blow torch were also purchased for the props. I directed + filmed, but also had an assistant & a writer for the concept. 

"Medium" Budget Concepts:
Camp Comfort - “Mimosa”
A three-day shoot, using four separate locations - filmed around the Black Hills. The first location, on a boat in the middle of Pactola lake - a six hour shoot. The second location was a rented AirBnb. The third location was at the Outlaw Square and Deadwood, and were allowed to film for free. The fourth location was out on a dirt road, so we filmed for free, BUT--a drone operator was hired for specific shots + a show-truck was rented for the scene. Besides the drone op, everything was done by me (Directing, filming, lighting, production, storyboard, etc.) Would have been great to have an assistant.
Frozolid - “YoGetAPackOfRollies”
A two-day shoot, using three separate locations - filmed here in the Black Hills (Spearfish). One location, in the smoke-shop, was part sponsorship and part pay. The scene with Frozolid on the couch was a rented house location + production design + props--including the fog machine, cereal and bowl, table cloth and more. In this scene I had an assistant, who also took behind the scenes footage & a gaffer (lighting). The scene under the bridge was free to use, however, a graffiti artist was hired to paint the artist’s name.

HectorThePlug - "WiFi"
A one-day production in one-location (though it looks like multiple). A TON of lighting involved ($40K+ worth of lighting). However, the budget honestly restricted a lot of missing parts of this video. I only had one assistant, and we ended up working from 10 AM 'til 3 AM-- most of that being set-up and tear down. There's also a lack of story / B-roll as well, in my opinion. 

"Higher" Budget Concepts:
IVVORY&Keyz - “Around Here”
A one-day shoot in the span of eight hours - filmed in San Diego, California, so travel was needed. The budget included plane ticket, Uber rides, luggage costs, food and a place to stay. Instagram models were hired + two jet skis and a boat were rented for the shoot.  Besides talent, I was the only one on set. Would have been awesome if the budget would have allowed for an assistant or two + photographer for behind-the scenes.

Music videos are great marketing tools for bands & artists. Therefore, they should be looked at like an investment. How much are you willing to spend, or rather, INVEST in your video? 
As a director myself, I prefer unique locations, and at least a couple extra crew members to assist. 
That being said, a lot of money isn’t always needed for a video.  If you tell me you have a budget of, let's just say, $5000 (beyond high for around the Black Hills area, never had a budget this high either lol), and your concept is simple, I’ll probably tell you, “We can make this video for $___ (lower amount).

For any budget size, having "hook-ups" to locations, etc. is also very helpful and can either save money, or be directed towards a different part of the production. (Ex: Your friend owns the car to be used in the video that we can use rather than getting a rental).
Feel free to ask me the costs of the videos listed in the video examples above - or other videos that I’ve produced to get a good feel for what you might be looking at in terms of pricing
The Process:
What is the process look like in getting a music video produced? I know that it might seem a bit overwhelming after everything I wrote above, but for you as an artist, it’s pretty simple! If you decide to move forward with me producing & directing your video:

1. What song do you want to be used for the video? 
2. The process of the creative concept can be as collaborative as possible - or hands off as possible! Do you already have a visual/story concept in mind? We can work on that together to find out the details into something final! Have no idea what you want for the visual/story and want no part of? That’s fine as well! I can always write out a storyboard and concept on my own!

3. I always like to meet with the artist (in-person or via phone call, whichever is preferred) initially to talk about the song, the concept and how the production works. Hopefully during that meeting we can set-up production dates to film the video.
Do you travel for work? 
I absolutely love traveling for work! In fact, location depending - I won't charge for travel! (Including but not limited to: California, Minnesota, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Colorado)
What else do you do in film? 
In terms of music, I also do concert video/highlight reels that are great for marketing and social media. I also love doing documentary work--such as studio documentaries or promos. These are also more set-pricing based vs. budget, just to note. I have yet to tour, but would absolutely love to at some point. I also direct everything for a media agency I co-own in Spearfish, SD. 605 Media & Entertainment. 
"What if I don't want a planned music video? Can you just shoot whatever?"
The planning part of video production is very important to me - everything from the concept to the storyboard to location. From my experience, planning out videos, including in my documentary and commercial work, has always resulted in a much better quality video-- artistically and technically. Therefore, I will more than likely not produce or direct any music videos without proper planning.
Do you accept payment plans?
I do take payments! Payments are catered to each individual project and details are lined up in a contract. ​​​​​​​